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GM Models

  • OBDII Cars & Trucks

  • OBD I 94-95 LTX Powered Vehicles*

          *No support for boost on these vehicles unless 24x & PCM

            upgrade is performed or Aftermarket engine management

            is used


Ford Models

2005 – Current Mustang


Support is available for Ford vehicles 02+ outside of the Mustang platform.  Please click here for full supported list


Dodge Models

  • 2005 – Current Hemi & SRT*

         *Please inquire for SRT-10 & Viper support

 Support is available for various Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 05+ vehicles.  Please click here for full supported list

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Mail Order Tuning Support

Support is available for Stock or Bolt On Gen 3 GM LSX Cars & Trucks.

For Non Stock Internal and Power Adder vehicles only a start-up tune will be available, due to the more complex nature of these set-ups it is highly recommended to schedule a full dyno or street tune


Remote Tuning

VCM Suite or N-Gauge Tuning and Datalogging device must be accessible in order to remote tune. Please inquire further for more information regarding remote tuning services. 

Aftermarket Engine Management

RKTuning also offers services for a variety of Aftermarket Engine Management Systems. Some of these systems include: 

  • MS3Pro

  • MegaSquirt Systems 

  • Haltech

  • Holley EFI

  • MoTeC

  • AEM

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Tuning Preparation

To ensure that the scheduled tuning time is spent effectively please go over the following list to make sure the vehicle is at 100% mechanical condition prior to being tuned.  Calibration is very hard on engines and drivelines and will push the vehicle to ensure that the components are calibrated correctly and safely for all operating conditions. Pre-existing mechanical problems will result in an inaccurate and potentially unsafe tune and can potentially result in catastrophic engine or driveline failure in extreme cases.


  • Engine Compression tested and within spec and no more than 20psi variance between cylinders

  • Cylinders leak down tested with no more than 7% leakdown

  • Intake manifold and any associated intake piping sealed under vacuum

  • Exhaust tightened and leak free

Preferably no open headers due to noise and sensor inaccuracy, at least 18”-21” of piping required after header primaries if open header

  • No leaks from crankcase, cooling system, transmission etc.

  • New Spark Plugs with correct heat range for application

          Please contact me for correct plug and heat range

  • Fresh Oil & Filter and checked for proper level

  • All sensors working correctly (no sensor related CELs with exception of Catalyst and O2 sensors)

  • Engine stays within operating temperature range during extended operation

Fuel System:

  • Fuel Injectors clean, O-Rings checked for leaks and Injectors properly sized for horsepower goals

          Please contact me for recommendations if unsure

  • Fuel pump correctly sized and properly working for horsepower goals

  • New or clean fuel filter

  • Fuel Pressure at required level and properly functioning Fuel Regulator

  • Fuel Lines and hoses leak free, properly installed with correct fittings/connectors, and in good condition


  • Clutch and Hydraulic system functioning properly and rated appropriately for expected power

  • Transmission leak free, filled with clean fluid, and working properly

  • Differentials working correctly, filled with clean fluid, and leak free

  • Wheel bearings in mechanically sound condition

  • Proper functioning brakes

  • Universal Joints (U-Joints) on driveshaft(s) in proper mechanical condition and suited to yoke and power level

  • Driveshaft rated for expected power


  • All vehicle grounds checked and clean

  • Battery and Alternator/Charging system working correctly

  • All diagnostics ports working correctly and available for access


Forced Induction:

  • Complete system boost leak tested to higher pressure than planned on being ran

  • Turbo seals in good working condition

If wideband sensor needs to be replaced due to oil saturation from customer vehicle, customer will  be charged for replacement sensor

  • Wastegate & Blow Off Valve checked for proper operation, including condition of seals

  • Any boost reference lines correctly routed and secured to all barbs/orifices, do NOT rely on simple pressure to hold them on

  • Keyed crank if expecting high supercharger speed/pressure










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