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About the Company

Mission Statement

RKTuning was established in 2011 under the principle that good enough is simply not enough. 


Having owned and built several LSX platforms, I discovered that there was more to engine management calibration than most knew about. It was not easy for me to accept that so much  of a vehicle's  driveability and efficiency had to be sacrificed when changing camshafts, modifying or replacing cylinder heads, and/or adding custom hardware. 


Engine Tuning is so much more than simply changing fueling and ignition timing at full throttle to win races. It is the precise calibration of all aspects and points of operation of the complete engine and driveline to ensure that it performs optimally and reliably whether at the race track, on the street, or in the parking lot of the local grocery store. I spent several years researching, developing, and experimenting with various combinations of hardware in order to create the engine mapping algorithm that RKTuning now uses to successfully calibrate gasoline engines. 


Whether your vehicle is stock, mildly modified, or a maximum effort race car, I can come up with the appropriate solution so that you can enjoy your build for years to come.

RKTuning, LLC

What We Use:
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